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Nintendo 3DS to allow for game installs?

Ross Miller

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Here's an interesting little tidbit from Japan's financial newspaper Nikkei. According to an article translated by andriasang -- who also provided information this morning on a wireless ebook reader -- Nintendo's 3DS will be able to copy multiple games to internal memory and selected from the menu. Now, that can be interpreted in many ways. It could mean 3DS carts installing fully on the system à la Xbox 360's game install. Another -- and we think more likely -- interpretation is that games can be downloaded via some store and saved internally. At this point, however, we don't have any details on a 3DS online marketplace, and in an interview with Joystiq, the company's in-house legend Shigeru Miyamoto wouldn't comment on compatibility with current DSiWare. As for theoretic storage capacity, Nintendo still isn't saying how much internal memory is in the device, but we do know the SD card slot is still there. All this discussion, of course, is assuming the translation is correct, and since we're currently unable to verify for ourselves, consider all this a rumor right now.

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