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International keyboard changes in iOS 4


This week we're exploring iOS 4 for hidden gems. We received two tips this morning about international keyboards that were both useful and fun. The first makes switching between keyboards much easier.

To enable international keyboards, select Keyboards from the general settings. Tap International Keyboards and then Add New Keyboard. Once you've made your selection, you'll notice a globe icon next to your keyboard's spacebar. In iPhone OS 3.1.3, you could tap that icon to switch from one keyboard to the next. It was kind of a hassle for those with several keyboards enabled.

The iPad introduced a popup menu to the globe icon with OS 3.2 (at right), which the iPhone inherited with iOS 4.0. Now you can simply press and hold to get a list of all enabled keyboards and make your selection.

The other tip is about kaomoji, those pesky little "face letters" that the kids are so into. iOS 4 has made them even easier to use. With a Japanese keyboard enabled, hit the "123" button and you'll see an emoticons key in the corner. Tap it to bring up a list of options. There's a screenshot of this after the break. Enjoy!

[Thanks, Bryan!]

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