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New Xbox 360 shuts down before overheating

Okay, gang, we really need your help. Though Microsoft's shrunken, Valhalla-equipped version of its home console was announced last week, new functions of the device are just now starting to surface. The latest is an auto-shutdown feature which turns off the console when its primary cooling vent is blocked, which displays a warning prompt on screen and turns the console's power button into the ominous vision seen above.

So, here's what we need your help with: We feel like we can still get in front of this thing, and coin the new colloquial phrase for this warning. That guy who came up with "Red Ring of Death?" He's making bank off royalties, and papa wants a slice. So, let's start spitballing: Red Eye of Danger? Red Dot of Poor Ventilation? Red Light of Uncomfortable Proximity? How about, like, "The Killswitch?" It's foreboding, yet strangely catchy.

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