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PSA: Club Nintendo year ends June 30


If you've been lax in your Club Nintendo registration recently, we suggest you go register those DSi XLs, black Wiis, copies of WarioWare DIY, and your other first-party stuff. The Club Nintendo "year" -- during which your earned Coins will count up toward Platinum or Gold status -- elapses June 30.

300 Coins will get you Gold status, and 600 will get you Platinum -- and both of those will get you free stuff, on top of whatever you choose to spend those Coins on. Last year, those who reached Platinum had their choice of a plush Mario hat or a downloadable variant of Punch-Out!!, while Gold status holders received a calendar. While we don't know what this year's prizes will be, we know they'll be free, and thus it would be a shame if you missed out on them unnecessarily.

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