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Warren Spector: 'The 3DS changed my life'

We've read (and written!) some positive write-ups on Nintendo's recently revealed, extra-dimensional handheld, but nothing quite so glowing as the latest blog post from developer extraordinaire Warren Spector. "The 3DS changed my life," Spector explained on his personal blog. We're still trying to tell if he was being sincere, or if he was just trying to come up with a title for the nerdiest Lifetime Original Movie ever made.

"I can be pretty stubborn and when I decide I know something or I'm right about something, I don't often change my mind," he added. "Well, I just want to say I've been completely wrong about 3D all my life. I never got it before. Until now." The reason behind Spector's lack of 3D experience? He lost his ears in a tragic childhood biking accident, and has had no appendages upon which to perch special spectacles. Now we totally understand his enthusiasm.

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