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EQII class changes now live on test server

Jef Reahard

Sony Online Entertainment's Dave Georgeson, senior producer on EverQuest II, weighs in on the game's official forums with some interesting information regarding upcoming class tweaks. As he indicated in a recent interview, changes are in the offing for the venerable fantasy sequel, and if this teaser is any indication, they're likely to be considerable.

"The skill progression for the lower levels was a) drowning new players in skills that they didn't understand, and b) often giving players certain skills way before they needed them. Also, some classes just simply weren't getting enough useful skills in order to have fun. So we've shuffled things around," he writes.

Highlights of said shuffling include the oft-neglected Dispel Magic mage skill being changed to Absorb Magic (which consequently drains the target of mana), a new level 6 priest damage ability called Wrath which scales with your character's level, and the removal of the fighter's Intercept skill since you'll rarely be grouping at low levels.

Check out the full list of tweaks on the official forums.

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