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Palm Pre breaks the 1GHz barrier with insane custom kernel

Chris Ziegler

If you own a Pre, you like to tempt fate, and you don't faint at the mere thought of your phone melting into a nondescript heap of plastic and silicon, have we got some exciting news for you: some crazy dude with a death wish has somehow eked an honest gigahertz out of the Pre's OMAP3430 processor that normally plods along at 600MHz. Of course, this isn't the first time the phone's been overclocked, but traditionally, those overclocks have topped out around 800MHz -- so if you need serious speed and don't mind nuking your battery at a record pace, this so-called "F105 Thunderchief" kernel project is one that you're going to want to keep an eye on. The project's owner says "do not install this if you like your phone," so... you know, proceed with extreme caution, especially considering that your warranty's probably going to dry up as fast as your battery. Follow the break for the blood-curdling action on video.

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