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Panasonic's CTO takes your 3D questions live via Ustream tomorrow at 3 p.m.


Panasonic should be living the easy life, the newest iteration of its acclaimed V-series plasma HDTVs have been touted as having the best looking 2D and 3D available, the first 24-hour US 3D channel launches this week, and there's even at least one Blu-ray 3D movie is on retail shelves. But even with all that, there's a lot of confusion and questions about whether or not 3D is a good thing and what consumers should expect, so it's taking the unusual step of putting Chief Technology Officer Eisuke Tsuyuzaki on a live Ustream webcast taking questions from you, the public. Whether you're wondering if any focus has been taken away from 2D image quality, what can be done about cross manufacturer 3D glasses compatibility or anything else, show up at 3 p.m. EST tomorrow, June 30 and see what Panasonic has to say in response. Check the read link for the Ustream channel or just pop right back here, it's embedded after the break.

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