n3D channel launches 24-hour 3D broadcasts on DirecTV July 1

Just missing its projected June launch window, n3D will be introduced to the world by its proud parents, DirecTV and Panasonic, July 1 at 9:30 a.m. If you have DirecTV's HD service (plus a 3DTV and the right receiver, you'll be able to tune in once the switch is flipped at the launch even in New York City. In terms of content, concerts, documentaries and some sports are promised right away (at least a few posters on AVSForum are already able to watch some 3DVOD), although we're not seeing any specifics yet beyond the baseball and NASCAR broadcasts already announced. Whether you buy that this is a new era of entertainment of just a passing fad, we'd recommend staying tuned for more news from the launch event Thursday.