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PlayStation Move support added to XMB with PS3 firmware 3.40


It seems 3.40 firmware update added more than PlayStation Plus to the PS3. It appears support for the Move motion controller has also been added to the system, as evidenced by a new option in the "Settings" area of the XMB. This setting (pictured) will allow you to calibrate the motion controller, if the controller doesn't move "as expected."

The Move controller isn't scheduled to launch until later this year. However, this isn't the first time Sony has prepped future-tech in earlier firmware releases. For example, firmware 3.30 added support for 3D games about two months before the first 3D games were released. Barring any further changes to the PS3 OS, you may be able to play Move games sans system update when the controller launches.

[Thanks SecretAgentHam!]

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