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TUAW's Daily App: Landformer


Owen Goss is the mind behind Streaming Colour Studios, makers of Dapple and Monkeys in Space. I first met Goss earlier this year at at the 360iDev conference, and during his panel there (in which he created a game about bacon farming in just 90 minutes), he showed off a few early shots of a puzzle game called LandFormer. LandFormer is now out in the App Store, and it's a puzzle game with a pretty steep slope in difficulty and a really excellent look and feel.

The goal of the game is to level out all of the lands in a little playing field, which you do by raising and lowering them in a few different patterns. You're given a target number of moves, and the challenge comes in leveling the land before the move timer runs out.

The app is free, but it only comes with 10 beginner levels to start. 50 more levels can be bought within the app for US$1.99 (and a premium theme can be picked up for 99 cents), with presumably more levels to come. Fortunately, Goss has created a fully featured level editor with the free version -- you can make and share levels with anyone, and even "download" new levels through an ingenious URL system. If you're up for a few mindbending puzzles (and maybe have a few friends to create and share levels with), definitely give LandFormer a look.

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