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iPhone's Crap of Defense teased for PSP, with a name change


Crap of Defense is an iPhone game that declares itself to be the "worst game ever," with sloppily drawn soldiers attempting to take a castle, and the player tasked with blowing them up with armaments and upgrades. But apparently someone with the power to publish a PSP game thinks it's alright, because developer iFun4all recently sent us an email containing the above image, teasing a spitting-image PSP game called Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder.

There wasn't any further information included, but it's probably a safe guess that Crap of Defense got a port and a slightly less offensive name. There have been quite a few PSP games ported across to the iPhone, but looks like this is a case of cross-pollination the other way. We'll let you know when we hear more about what the game is like.

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