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StarCraft 2 getting 3D support post-launch


While StarCraft 2 may benefit from a "robust new 3D graphics-rendering engine," we didn't know until recently that the game would be receiving a post-launch patch enabling that other kind of 3D (read: the "needs glasses" kind). In an interview with IGN at a South Korean media event -- where, no joke, a StarCraft 2 logo-emblazoned Korean Air plane was unveiled -- production director Chris Sagaty explained, "We will be releasing 3D in the first few months, for those Nvidia cards and screens that support it."

For what it's worth, an Nvidia rep also told IGN that it's "optimising for all systems," so that the 3D support would work on as many systems as possible. We might try to get it working ourselves, if it wasn't for our sheer terror at the thought of a Zergling flood coming through the screen.

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