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Ape Escape joins Japan's 2010 PlayStation Move launch library


We haven't seen much (or anything) of Ape Escape's first foray onto PS3 since it was announced at Tokyo Game Show last year. However, a new announcement video (after the break) showcases the first few seconds of footage of the Move-exclusive game. Furi Furi! Sarugetchu, as it will be called in Japan, joins a relatively small line-up of games launching this year for the PlayStation motion controller in Japan. In fact, only six games are planned for release on the hardware's October 21 launch date:

  • EyePet (SCEJ, ¥3,980)
  • Sports Champion (SCEJ, ¥3,980)
  • Beat Sketch (SCEJ, ¥2,980)
  • Fure! Fure! Bowling (aka High Velocity Bowling, SCEJ, ¥1,900)
  • Machi Suberi (aka Kung Fu Rider, SCEJ, ¥3,980)
  • Big 3 Gun Shooting (Namco Bandai, ¥6,279)

The rest of the year will feature 5 additional games, including the aforementioned Ape Escape title.

  • Mugen Kairo Hikari to Kage no Hako (aka Echochrome, SCEJ, November, ¥3,980)
  • Nikudan (SCEJ, November, ¥3,980)
  • Move de Party (SCEJ, November, ¥3,980)
  • TV Superstars (SCEJ, December, ¥3,980)
  • Furi Furi! Sarugetchu (aka Ape Escape, SCEJ, 2010, price TBA)
While Japan's launch library is rather slim, this list excludes already-released titles which will be getting Move support via patches. For example, Resident Evil 5 seemingly warrants yet another retail re-release for the newly added motion controls. Will this launch library be enough to convince the Japanese populace to buy into Sony's peripheral?

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