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Call for Submissions: Best and worst ways to vet puggers


How do you vet potential PUG raiders? Do you require an inflexible GearScore threshold? Do you insist on experienced players who can link the achievement to prove they've completed the encounters? When do you feel comfortable taking on a more lightly geared or inexperienced player? Do you rely on hard and fast numbers, or does conversation with potential raiders factor in? is accepting article submissions on the best and worst ways to vet puggers for your raid group. Your article explains what works, what doesn't work -- and why. Submissions should be between 500 and 1,000 words. We will not accept articles submitted under player names or pen names; please use your real name and email. Artwork is not mandatory, but any you choose to include must be your own work or from creative commons.

Ready to submit? Read up about our guest post program, then sign up for Seed and submit your article here. (You won't see the article page unless you have a Seed account.) Unfortunately, the Seed program currently only allows us to accept submissions from individuals living in the United States. (As part of the Aol family of blogs, is committed to the Seed program and has no control over this restriction, which is based on international payment and tax issues. We do hope to be able to accept international submissions in the future.) We'll accept submissions for this assignment until 11:59 p.m. EST on Thurs., July 15. Good luck and good writing!

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