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iRetrofone goes steampunk


We've posted about the great iRetrofone handset base for the iPhone before -- it's really just a block of resin, but having an actual handset hooked up to your iPhone around the house makes for some pretty nostalgic phone calls. The iRetrophone's creator Scott Freeland said he would be hard at work on new designs, and now he's gone a little Steampunk with the latest one, as you can see above courtesy of iPhone Savior.

It's designed specifically for the iPhone 4, and has both an audio hookup and a USB connection ready to go -- just plug your iPhone into the base and start calling. It's not quite as nostalgic as the old handset, of course, but I like the steampunk aesthetic. And for $450 plus $25 shipping, you better like it. Still, as an art piece (the whole thing is actually cast in copper, rather than just the resin of the first one), it's a pretty unique piece of tech.

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