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Rocky day for MobileMe email

Mel Martin

After a day of intermittent issues for email on MobileMe, Apple has noted the issue on the MobileMe support page; the company says the problem is now resolved but "some MobileMe users could not send.... We apologize for any inconvenience.

No kidding. We've had communications about this from our readers, and I've had spotty service for a full 24 hours. There are also comments on the Apple Support boards about today's hiccups.

I made the mistake of using the MobileMe support Live Chat option yesterday, where I described my issues to 'Jason'. I told him I knew several people with the problem. His solution was for me to change my mail password. I typed back that I didn't see how that was the issue because I'd already told him I have the problem on 4 Apple devices (iPhone, desktop, MacBook Pro and iPad) and that the problem was happening on several networks, not just the home and office.

His response was that if I wasn't going to cooperate he was done, and he cut off the chat. Nice. Apple support is usually excellent, but MobileMe has had a lot of problems over the years, and I have consistently found MobileMe support to be often uninformed and defensive. As of this afternoon EDT Apple says it is fixed, and I hope that's true. Apple charges quite a lot for MobileMe services. The company could do better at reliability, and monitoring Apple support comments from users, instead of doubting a problem exists. I'm looking forward to the day when MobileMe 'just works.'

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