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ESRB outs more Monkeypaw games, including Cho Aniki


We never thought we'd see a time when even one Cho Aniki game made its way Stateside, and now we face the possibility of a third. An ESRB rating reveals that neophyte localization firm MonkeyPaw Games is planning to release the PlayStation's Cho Aniki: Kyukyoku Muteki Ginga Saikyou Otoko on PS3 (and PSP, MonkeyPaw's John Greiner confirmed to PSNStores) as simply "Cho Aniki." This version is even weirder than the freaky, protein-obsessed series usually is, as it uses digitized photography for its character art.

The ESRB also revealed PSOne Classics releases for the Data East fighter Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty, and Gaia Seed, a horizontal shmup by Techno Soleil. The company is also working on Ante Up: Texas Hold 'em for DSiWare. After the break, we've reproduced the ESRB description for Cho Aniki, because we had to.

"This is a side-scrolling shooter in which players control characters that fire energy beams and bombs at an assortment of mechanical creatures. The game depicts photo-realistic muscle men in tight Speedo underwear who defeat several fantastical enemies: giant man-powered vehicles, floating disembodied heads and noses, animal-man hybrid creatures that explode in fiery bursts. Some sequences depict muscle-bound men forming human pyramids, cradling each other, and posing in provocative positions (e.g., heads submerged near characters' crotches). One boss character fires lasers from a phallic-shaped rod that extends from his hip. Another giant boss character shoots out gas clouds from his buttocks."

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