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Updated 'God Eater Burst' out in North America and Europe in 2011


D3 Publisher no longer plans to release God Eater in North America or Europe. But it's all right, because we're going to get the updated version of the action RPG, God Eater Burst, instead.

Now scheduled for a first-quarter release in North America next year and for an unspecified date in 2011 in Europe (published by Namco Bandai), God Eater Burst includes "more than twice the number of missions in the original God Eater," along with a new "Burst Mode" that can be used to temporarily power up characters' "Devouring Attacks."

"If you've ever wondered what a god tastes like," the press release teases, "you won't have to wait long to find out." And we thought it was just a clever name!

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