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T-Mobile's Motorola Charm to go for a big, fat zilch on family plan activations?

Chris Ziegler

The poster here that we've received today kind of speaks for itself, we'd say. By all appearances, it seems that T-Mobile intends to continue its tradition of making family plans attractive with blowout handset pricing -- and the next model to get the free treatment will be Motorola's upcoming Charm featuring Android packed into a form factor that you rarely (well, never see) for the platform. Realistically, $100 is probably the high end of the reasonable range for something with the Charm's specs, but at $0, it's a downright bargain compared to the typical free-on-contract dumbphone fare. Now let's just extend this offer to non-family plans, T-Mobile -- and go ahead and make it permanent while you're at it.

[Thanks, Justfinethanku]

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