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Consumer Reports still a 'thumbs down' on iPhone 4

Mel Martin

Not a big surprise really, but Consumer Reports still says that even with a free case, the iPhone 4 is a no-go to get a recommendation from the giant consumer testing firm. Last week CR created a furor when it said the iPhone was the best smart phone it had tested, but didn't meet its standards for reception.

"Consumer Reports believes Apple's offer of free cases is a good first step. However, Apple has indicated that this is not a long-term solution, it has guaranteed the offer only through September 30th, and has not extended it unequivocally to customers who bought cases from third-party vendors. We look forward to a long-term fix from Apple. As things currently stand, the iPhone 4 is still not one of our Recommended models."

Fair enough, I suppose, but isn't it kind of important to test some of their recommended phones to see if they survive the 'death grip' test? It is easy to check up on the demo that Steve did with other phones, or is this just a rule that applies only to Apple? Consumer Reports said it had tested a Palm Pre and an iPhone 3GS, but that is a pretty small universe of cell phones. Just wondering.

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