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Phat Loot Phriday: Poisonfire Greatsword


"Wow," Lolegolas said. "Another sword, huh?"

Throgg looked up from where he'd been busily grooming his monobrow with his tongue. "What you mean, little belfling?"

"You have a different sword again," Lolegolas said. He tossed his flowing locks over his shoulder, revealing the glittering perfection of his chest. "You just had Kliklak's and now ... this."

"Ah, yes," Throgg grunted. "It is sword with Mastery on it, as stat. Since it no longer part of talents, I thought it must be very important to have on sword. The Poisonfire Greatsword has much Mastery! Make Throgg strong!"

"Hm, of course," Lolegolas said. "I will say that this sword seems rather magnificent. It appeals to my more savage aesthetic. It's all rough and course and manly."

"Right," Throgg said. "I got it for infiltrating a camp in the beta. Throgg is very clever, and was given the Poisonfire Greatsword as a reward."

"Do you remember anything about the lore of the quest?" Lolegolas asked. The roleplayer in him was coming out, and the blood elf was getting very excited.

Throgg's unibrow furrowed in confusion. "Lore? What? "

"You know," the blonde replied. "The lore. The story."

"Story is," Throgg answered with finality, "I got this awesome sword."

Name Poisonfire Greatsword
Type Two-hand sword
Damage 738 - 1108; Speed 3.30; ; DPS 279.6

  • 152 Strength
  • 228 Stamina
  • Increase your Mastery rating by 152
How to get it It's a quest item in Cataclysm. You must handle the Flames from Above.
How to get rid of it It sells for 7 gold, 80 silver. Not sure on the disenchants yet.

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