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Report: EA selling a 15% stake in Ubisoft


EA has been sitting on a good chunk of Ubisoft stock for a few years now. It looks like the company is planning to unload some of those shares (perhaps a result of some recent losses?). Bloomberg reports that EA is preparing to offload a 15% stake in Ubisoft -- last we heard, EA was holding onto nearly 25% of voting shares in the French publisher. The company currently holds the single largest stake in Ubisoft shares, Bloomberg says.

UBS AG, a financial services firm apparently brokering the sale, is currently placing about 14 million shares at a price of 6.48 Euros per share, according to the terms laid out to Bloomberg. Ubisoft's shares fell 3.2 percent in Paris yesterday, to a price of 6.97 Euros -- as of right now, shares are currently up, at 7.09.

We've contacted EA for confirmation and will let you know what we hear back.

[Update: We've updated the post for accuracy.]

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