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Bungie Weekly Update: Reach's hologram, armor and Avatar unlocks


The most recent Bungie update is a doozy. There's over 5000 words of Halo: Reach goodness in there, so allow us to distill the important bits. First of all, that nifty hologram ability from the Bungie Day video two weeks back? Totally real and available as an armor ability in Reach.

Second, Bungie has dropped a somewhat massive image -- check it out in the gallery below -- showing off exactly which items players will see in the Halo: Reach Armory on day one. Any Halo fan is bound to notice that Cortana shows up at the bottom of the image, alongside Sgt. Johnson, Master Chief and Sgt. Buck (AKA Nathan Fillion). Will these be playable characters? Voices for Firefight? We've contacted Bungie to see if we can find out. [Update: Bungie's Brian Jarrard responded to our query saying, "The answers you seek can be found within the weekly update – the armory inventory image wasn't the only picture in the body of the story." Jarrard may be referring to this image, which includes many of the previously unknown categories of armor customization. We're pretty sure there aren't Cortana themed knee guards, making a Firefight voice a more likely possibility.]

Finally, Halo: Reach Avatar Awards have been revealed, comprised of the helmets worn by Noble Team. These will be unlocked by completing certain actions within the game.

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