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White iPhones delayed by paint issues


We know that a few of you have been waiting patiently for a white iPhone 4. Chances are you're still getting one even if you have to use a Bumper, right? Apple has announced the wait will soon be over, mostly, as white iPhones should start dribbling into inventory at the end of this month. In a year this will likely all be a distant memory (isn't everything in tech a distant memory in a year?).

If you've been wondering why the delay, wonder no more: it's the paint. You see, the folks making the glass components are having quite a time getting just the right coating of paint on Apple's hot new hardware so that it'll match all the rest of its white hardware: namely docks and cables and bumpers, oh my! Engadget has a thorough dissection of the process and problems, which is interesting if you're into the supply side of things.

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