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Dead Space Ignition detailed at EA press event


At an EA press event today, a Dead Space 2 producer showed the first footage of the downloadable interactive comic Dead Space Ignition. The story, a prequel to the sequel, is delivered via lightly animated comic book-style art and follows an engineer on the Sprawl space station. Between the uniforms, the voices and the semi-animated look, Ignition reminds us of Sealab 2021 -- bizarro!

The engineer's job, of course, is to fix electronics, and that's where the main interactive part comes into play, in the form of three minigames: "Hardware Crack," "System Override," and "Trace Route." Only Trace Route was shown today -- a hacking-themed riff on the abstract line racer, Light Trax.

Ignition is coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this fall.

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