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HDHomeRun Prime with CableCARD might work with MythTV after all

Ben Drawbaugh

We've been following the developments of SiliconDust's HDHomeRun Prime for some time and while there's still no word on when it'll be ready to sell, the latest interesting news is that SiliconDust hopes to make it work with MythTV. Unfortunately the OCUR spec requires that any content marked Copy Once, or worse, be locked down with PlayReady DRM before it leaves the tuner, and there's almost no chance of that changing. But believe it or not there is plenty of programming delivered via encrypted digital cable that is marked Copy Freely (depending on your provider of course). So apparently CableLabs is considering a engineering change recommendation made by SiliconDust that would allow Copy Freely content to stream to DVR software that isn't CableLabs certified, and thus can't participate in the encrypted connection -- yes that's right, the content is encrypted as well as the communications between the hardware and software -- which means that software like MythTV could work with the tuner. Depending on your provider and your DVR software of choice this could be very good news.

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