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iPad used for 3D effect


This is really wild -- Japan's Aircord lab has used the iPad to create a 3D effect, but not what you'd think, with the standard glasses and views. Instead, the iPad is used to project a set of three images onto a specially-coated glass pyramid, which then reflects the three video images in all directions, creating a 3D effect as you move around the display.

You can see the thing in action in the video after the break -- it's not completely perfect (obviously, when you hit a seam while moving around, the image distorts and breaks up), but there is a definite projected hologram feel to it as you look head on. And really, any high resolution display could be used here, but I'm sure the iPad is the cheapest and most handy option for something like this. Very cool idea for sure -- it's tough to think of a real application (maybe a museum installation is the most obvious use), but it is a neat effect.

[via MacStories]

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