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LG dLite lands today on T-Mobile for $50

Chris Ziegler

By almost all accounts, LG's dLite for T-Mobile is an unremarkable midrange clamshell that barely warrants mention, with two notable exceptions. First, it's just the third LG to ever launch on T-Mobile USA -- the others being the GS170 and the Sentio -- so if you're an LG fan, you should be doing a little victory dance right about now. Secondly, though, the dLite is about the closest North American phone we've seen to a traditional domestic South Korean device, thanks in no small part to its programmable "light effects" and concealed external dot matrix display. For reasons we can't fully explain, we find this awesome. If you do, too -- and you can imagine yourself using something that isn't running a smartphone OS -- you can grab this bad boy today in pink or blue for $50 on contract after rebate.

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