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Steve Ballmer feeling pressure at Microsoft for stagnating share price?


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It's hard to say that a CEO whose company has grown from $23 billion in revenue to $54 billion during his 10 year tenure isn't doing his job, but The Daily Beast is reporting on a small, vocal (and of course, anonymous) minority within Microsoft that wants Steve Ballmer out on the curb. The main criticism seems to be the share price, which has oddly tracked in inverse with Microsoft's revenue: it's about half of its $48.93 value back in January 2000 when Ballmer took over. With the strong support of his board and an another supposedly positive earnings call coming later today, it's hard to call Steve's position as "shaky" at the company, but with whispers of infighting, a symbolic battle with Apple over market capitalization, and a do-or-die mobile launch coming up, it's clear that he's under a lot of pressure to deliver. Right now any talks of replacement are hearsay and analyst fodder at best, but we'll be watching to see how this rumor develops during this 30th year of Ballmer's career at the company.

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