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Apple tops media impact rankings in Q2


While we tend to hold Apple's feet to the fire on issues with their otherwise stellar products, the world at large sees a glossy coat of scratch-resistant awesome all over the Cupertino brand. According to General Sentiment (a media measurement firm somewhat obviously named), Apple was not only discussed more than any other brand in Q2 of this year, they are spoken of in high regard.

You see, General Sentiment has developed a new metric called Perception Value and to show off the difference between "Impact" or how much a brand was discussed online, and "Perception" or how well-regarded a company is in those online conversations, they've focused on the Perception Value of Apple in their 12-page report on Brand Exposure Analysis. Unsurprisingly, BP made it to #2 in terms of impact, as the spill in the gulf was widely discussed on Facebook, Twitter and blogs. In terms of perception, BP isn't sitting so pretty. Apple, on the other hand, ranks #1 because of successful iPad and iPhone 4 launches.

[via Macsimum News]

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