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iHome announces iPad clock radio dock


iHome has announced the first clock radio with a fully functioning iPad dock. In addition to traditional clock radio features, you get a Bluetooth connection to use with your iPad. You will be able to sync the proper time from an iPhone, and in turn, the alarm settings from the radio get synced to your iPad. You can also pair the physical device with the free iHome+Sleep app, which will eventually gain iPad optimization. You will be able to use both iPhones and iPods with the dock.

It's a neat idea, but this begs the question -- what took so long? This sort of dock makes sense, especially for those who get a lot of use of the iPad in the bedroom, or even in other rooms such as the kitchen. I'm surprised that iHome did not announce this months ago.

No price or release date was revealed, but the company's price range for similar models for the iPhone start around $80 and average around $100. Given the Bluetooth connection, I wouldn't be surprised to see this clock priced around $150.

[Via iPodNN]

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