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Toshiba AC100 review may explain why we haven't seen many (or any!) smartbooks

Joanna Stern

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To be honest, when Toshiba's 10.1-inch AC100 smartbook was revealed last month it looked like one nice clamshell, but we're not really all that surprised that found it to be rather lacking after putting it through the paces. The good news is that the Russian site found the 1.9-pound smartbook to be incredibly thin and light, and had no ergonomic issues with its keyboard and touchpad. The bad? The 1GHz Tegra 250-powered lappie runs Android 2.1, but like most other Android netbooks or tablets it doesn't have access to the Market, so you've got to sideload your own apps. They also described the browser as "archaic," presumably because of its inability to run flash content. And on top of all that, the reviewers weren't all that impressed with the 4.5 hours of video playback. To its credit, the AC100 was able to play 1080p video, which those typical Intel Atom N450-powered netbooks absolutely choke on. Basically, Toshiba's smartbook -- like most -- seem to be a mixed bag, but if you're still lusting for some more details you'll want to hit the source link for the full translated review.

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