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OFLC rates Namco Bandai's Solarobo


Solarobo, CyberConnect2's DS action RPG about animals piloting mechas, is on its way to the Anglophone world -- specifically Australia, according to an OFLC rating for the Namco Bandai-published game.

Solarobo, a spiritual successor to CyberConnect2's Tail Concerto, casts the player as a dog bounty hunter (but not Dog the Bounty Hunter) who uses his mech to catch fugitives on his floating island home. The game allows characters to fight and interact with the environment both in and out of walking robot vehicles. Red (the dog hero in question) can also "trance up" and transform into ... a human, with his mech transforming along with him.

To learn more about Solarobo's gameplay, you can check out several short videos on the website. It's something to do while we optimistically wait for a general announcement.

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