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Ono: Super Street Fighter IV for 3DS won't alter gameplay


According to producer Yoshinori Ono, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition on the Nintendo 3DS won't offer radically different gameplay. In a Famitsu interview summarized by Andriasang, Ono assured fans that, among other things, the 3D visuals won't lead to 3D gameplay (turn to Tekken X Street Fighter for that.) "The gameplay will be the same as Super Street Fighter IV," he said.

There might be some additional control options, however. The article states that the team is considering mapping special attacks to the slide pad or touch screen. He also suggested that Capcom wants to use the system's wireless connectivity for both communication and gameplay, though he didn't specify whether he meant online or local wireless.

According to Famitsu, the game will have all 35 Super Street Fighter IV characters, and is currently 10 percent complete.

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