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StarCraft 2 features 'Lost Viking' arcade mini-game

We've seen reports from a number of day-one strategists who've already sunk a few hours into the single-player campaign of StarCraft 2, all hinting at the existence of an in-game homage to one of Blizzard's earlier franchises: The Lost Vikings. Said cameo comes in the form of a Lost Viking arcade machine located on protagonist Jim Raynor's ship, the Hyperion -- though the puzzle-platforming of the original title has been swapped out for a much more thematically appropriate top-down shoot-em-up.

Check out some footage of the shooter just past the jump -- or, if you'd like to try your hand at guiding your poor, misplaced Viking-ship home, just pop down to the Hyperion Cantina with a pocket full of future-quarters.

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