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Citi discloses security flaw in iPhone app, is probably sending you a(nother) new card right now

Darren Murph

Call us jaded, bitter or just downright unlucky, but we've received more new Citi card digits in the past two years than we know what to do with. Every other month or so, some prankster is breaking into some database and compromising some quantity information over at Citi (or at least that's how it seems), and now the frustrations have spilled over into the mobile realm. Citigroup recently fessed up to a security flaw in its iPhone app, and even Apple has joined in encouraging users to upgrade in order to maintain their dignity, identity and sanity. According to reports, just over 117,000 customers were affected, though "the bank doesn't believe any personal data was exposed by the flaw." Of course, if you'd like that to remain the case, we'd suggest you upgrade right away.

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