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Study: iPad owners are selfish elitists, non-owners are independent geeks


Hey we didn't say it, we only repeated it. Consumer firm MyType has done a study of the opinions of 20,000 people, and have determined that iPad owners are wealthy, sophisticated, educated, and score very low in tests designed to chart altruism and kindness. In short, they're rich and smart, but also spoiled and cruel.

If you happen to be anti-iPad (and probably vocal about it), don't worry, we're not leaving you out. Those who criticize the iPad, says the study, most likely don't own one (which seems obvious, no?), and tend to be "independent geeks" -- "self-directed young people who look down on conformity and are interested in videogames, computers, electronics, science and the internet." In short, "bashing the iPad is, in a way, an identity statement for independent geeks." Owning an iPad might make you less inclined to give to charity, but not owning one means you're trying to define yourself by being anti-Apple.

Whew -- and they say generalization is a bad thing. In reality, of course, there are all kinds of shades of gray in here. Certainly there are very altrustic people who have purchased iPads, and certainly, not owning an iPad doesn't mean you're searching for an identity (nor, of course, does it mean you have one). But these are definitely general trends -- we've heard before that iPad owners tend to be at least more wealthy and educated than have-nots, and just one browse through your average comments section will tell you that "independent geeks" are often more than willing to criticize to make themselves look good.

[via Slashdot]

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