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Captains of DarkTide enters open beta

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Captains of DarkTide, the quirky pirate-slash-fantasy MMO introduced back in May, is finally ready for open beta as of today.

The game has undergone quite a few changes and improvements in the past months as the devs worked on every area of the game. Basic game glitches along the way have been fixed, of course, but much more has been improved as well. Crafting and inventory have been greatly simplified. Enemies have been rebalanced and combat changed to make battles a bit less frustrating.

If you've been participating in closed beta, there was a full character wipe so you'll be starting fresh with today's open beta. If you're new to Captains of DarkTide, it's browser-based, available on both PC and Mac, and free-to-play, so giving it a try couldn't be easier.

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