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Halo: Reach returning to Midship, Ivory Tower


Halo 2 might be dead and gone on Xbox Live, but its memory will live on in Halo: Reach. IGN reports that remakes of the Midship and Ivory Tower maps -- renamed Zealot and Reflection, respectively -- will be featured in Reach. Reflection is apparently a very faithful remake, right down to the sniper tower elevator (perhaps known to you as The Column of Surprise Death), though IGN notes that the new hologram armor ability makes camping much more difficult. Zealot, meanwhile, retains the overall layout of Midship, but adds a third level that features lower gravity than the rest of the map.

A new map entitled Spire was also revealed for the multiplayer Invasion mode. This time around it features Spartans ransacking the Elites and, as the name implies, they must work their way to the top of a huge tower as each section of the map is unlocked. Check out footage of all three maps after the break, and be sure to tell us what other old-school Halo 1, 2, or 3 maps you'd like to see in Reach.


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