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Safari extension highlight: Exposer


With the addition of the Safari Extensions Gallery to Apple's website over the last few days, TUAW will be highlighting extensions that we think are special, useful, or just plain fun.

I was recently very glad to learn that I'm not the only one who keeps many tabs open in Safari at once. And I got reprimanded for it. But it's hard to teach an old dog like me new tricks, especially when an extension like Exposer provides a great overview of all open tabs.

Once installed, Exposer puts a Spaces-like icon in your Safari toolbar. When you've got multiple tabs open, just click it and a set of thumbnails appear, each representing one of those pages. Mouse over any one to highlight it, and click it to jump right over. It can be a bit slow to load those thumbnails, depending on how many tabs you have open, but it's still quicker than scanning cryptic (or crowded) tab titles. Try it out!

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