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Apple patent application details iPod / iPhone bike integration system


Apple patent applications can be a little out there sometimes, but this one makes so much sense we have to wonder why it's not a product already. Described as "Systems and Methods for Integrating a Portable Electronic Device with a Bicycle," the application details what basically amounts to Nike+ for bikes. That includes the ability to relay data from bike sensors to your iPhone or iPod, which you'd be able to view on the device itself or on an external display of some sort -- the application even goes so far as to mention the possibility of a heads-up display, although we wouldn't get our hopes up for that. What's more, the application also suggests that the system could communicate and share information with other nearby cyclists, and it would apparently include some fairly extensive GPS capabilities (on the iPhone, at least), including turn-by-turn directions to help you find a specific bike route, and maps complete with reviews from other cyclists.

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