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Heavy Rain Move Edition patch coming 'pre-Xmas,' free if you own the game


SCEE product Manager Ross Alexander took to the EU's PlayStation Blog earlier today and revealed that the PlayStation Move-enabled version of Heavy Rain will be available "pre-Xmas." He also noted that it will be digitally distributed for free via PSN to those who already picked up the disc, though he gave no word on a re-release of the retail edition with Move functionality already baked-in.

Apparently, the waggle-ified version of Heavy Rain will be playable both with the Move and a DualShock 3 or a Move and the Navigation Controller -- the latter of which Alexander claims is the only way to get the "full experience." Trailers with the new Move controls are forthcoming, but why wait? We've dropped a handful of screens into a gallery below right now.

Gallery: Heavy Rain Move Edition | 3 Photos

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