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Help! The iPhone 4 has replaced my iPad!

Keith M

It took me a while to take the plunge and buy an iPad. After the third time trying it out (once in the local Apple store, and then testing out two that belonged to in-laws) and countless frustrating moments with my netbook, I went for it. For a good month or so, I was in love with my new iPad. It was much faster than my now-eBayed netbook, and it didn't burn my groin like my MacBook Pro. With a few exceptions, it did everything I wanted in a casual computing device.

Alongside the iPad sat my iPhone 3G. It became more neglected over time because, well, who wants to do all that neat stuff (slowly) on such a small screen? But then came the iPhone 4 and my inevitable upgrade to it. And I LOVE it! Now, my iPad has been downgraded to lesser-loved child in order to make way for its sleek, glass-backed little sister. What's the reason for the switch in my preferred device? In a word, it's iOS 4.

Without iOS 4, the iPad seems completely dumbed down to me. It lacks the iOS 4's method of multitasking and a unified inbox (plus a few other things that wouldn't sway me). It's amazing that just those two features alone can make me reach for my iPhone instead of my iPad, even when both are sitting right next to each other. Why touch through numerous times to read multiple inboxes? Why disconnect from my iSSH session or stop playing Pandora to ... well, do anything but play Pandora?

I'm wondering who else has found that they use their iPhone 4 over using their iPad for the same tasks? Will iOS 4 for the iPad, which is due this fall, resolve that sibling rivalry?


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