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Mad Catz sales down 11 percent in Q2, no thanks to Street Fighter 4


Activision isn't the only company that dropped financial facts on us today -- accessory maker Mad Catz also held a conference call to do some fiscal reporting, and the outlook wasn't so good over there. Q2 2010's net sales were reported as $19.9 million, which is down 11 percent from the same period last year. Mad Catz blamed the fall on a lack of Street Fighter 4 accessory sales, but said the rest of the year should be fine, with its official Rock Band 3's accessories plus an assortment of stands, cases, chargers and the like due out for Move and Kinect as well.

Elsewhere in the report, Mad Catz notes that North American sales were the biggest loss, while sales in Europe and other countries rose. And while the Xbox 360 and Wii accessory sales held fairly steady, the PlayStation 3 saw a loss of about five points from 24 percent to 19. Audio products saw a big jump, which Mad Catz says is because of the recent Tritton Technologies acquisition.

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