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A Tale in the Desert launches Tale 5 today

Eliot Lefebvre

For all that the MMO industry is occasionally decried as being a large gathering of copycats, there are some interesting outliers amidst a field of fantasy kill-fests. A Tale in the Desert is a prime example -- set in ancient Egypt, with a focus on character interaction and nonviolent problem resolution, it's really in a class of its own. And with the new installment of the game launching today, it's the perfect time for players who aren't familiar with the game to start mingling with newcomers. The fourth installment wrapped up in July, which makes for a quick turnaround into the newest iteration.

Unlike many other games in the genre, A Tale in the Desert runs for a while, then rests and starts over with new systems in place. This installment is featuring new Foraging and Aquaculture mechanics, allowing new ways to harvest plants and the ability to grow papyrus. The game is free for the first 24 hours of play, and each iteration tends to last for around six months. If the idea of a combat-free, crafting-focused game appeals to you, now would be the perfect time to head out into the lands of the Pharaoh.

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