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Colorware finally points the rainbow gun at Flip Ultra, UltraHD up next

Darren Murph

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It sure took 'em long enough, but Colorware has finally added the Flip Ultra pocket camcorder to its assortment of wares available to be doused in a rainbow's worth of hues. It's a fitting addition, of course, and those who'd prefer the HD version will be treated in the near future. For now, it'll cost you a Ulysses S. Grant (or more) to colorize your existing Flip Ultra, or $210+ to snag a minty fresh unit direct from Colorware. Best of all, you'll be able to paint the top, ring, bottom, back, cursor and button a different shade if you've got the cash, so hit that source link (or hop on past the break) if you're imagination is already whirring.

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