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Motorola's Jha says MOTOBLUR brand will fade from view


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We'd already had a pretty good indication that Motorola was shifting its strategy when it came to MOTOBLUR, and it looks like co-CEO Sanjay Jha has now finally made that move official. Speaking on the company's Q2 earnings call, Jha said that while MOTOBLUR will continue to be incorporated into some of it's phones, Motorola has decided that it will "focus on the value proposition of products and not MOTOBLUR as a brand name in its own right." Jha further went on to explain that "being able to convey the value proposition around MOTOBLUR is not an easy thing to do in a 30-second ad spot," but insisted that "MOTOBLUR continues to be important," and added that he thinks "you will see increased functionality in MOTOBLUR" -- you just won't be seeing the MOTOBLUR name much in public anymore.

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