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Pear Note 2.0 out now, features web sharing and a revamped UI


Useful Fruit Software has released Pear Note 2.0, a new version of the very powerful note-taking app for the Mac. Sang wrote a great post about the app late last year -- personally, I like just sitting down with a pad of paper and taking notes, but Pear Note helps you capture everything about a presentation, from syncing up slides and audio to your own typed-in notes. It will even keep a "timeline" of what you're noting when, so that you can go back and see where in the audio you typed what, reviewing your notes and the actual lecture audio at the same time.

The new version completely revamps the user interface, which allows you to navigate both the app and your lectures more quickly and smoothly. It also brings to the table a web sharing feature, so that anyone online can view your notes and lecture content when shared. And there are a few other improvements as well, including speed playback control, and the ability to bring multiple slide files in on a single note.

The app is available for $39.99, and version 2 is a free upgrade for all previous Pear Note users. Especially for students heading back to school in the next few weeks who need a good note-taking workflow, Pear Note seems like a huge help.

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