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Global StarCraft 2 League offers over $500,000 in prize money this year

A new professional StarCraft competitive organization was recently founded by South Korean television network GomTV, which locked down exclusivity rights to broadcast all Blizzard tournaments in the nation. Called the Global StarCraft 2 League, the organization will begin holding monthly 64-man tournaments across the country later in August, and then every month throughout the rest of 2010. To convince set-in-their-ways players to make the jump from the original StarCraft to the sequel, GomTV is offering over $125,000 in prize money for every tournament.

While potentially lucrative, these monthly tournaments are only preliminaries for a series of tournaments set for 2011, culminating in the Blizzard Cup next December that will crown the greatest StarCraft 2 player of the year. These tournaments will be broadcast globally starting next month -- but if you'd prefer to spend your precious time watching an American StarCraft 2 tourney, your chance might not be too far off. The MLG recently added the successful strategy title to its rotation.

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